Because we all know Alicia Sacramone is a badass.
why are gym fans SO ANNOYING?! why can't people just be supportive and stop tearing others down? I really don't understand it.

Exactly. Even if there are certain gymnasts out there that some people aren’t a fan of (we all have our favorites and our least favorites), why can’t we just respect the fact that they’re all out there trying to do their best and represent their country? There are gymnasts out there that I don’t particularly enjoy watching, but instead of wasting my time tearing them down for no reason, I just focus on watching and supporting the gymnasts I do enjoy. And I wish everyone could do that instead of complaining about girls who are out there doing amazing gymnastics.


Stop saying that Alicia can’t be trusted in a team finals situation on beam because of Beijing. Stop saying she shouldn’t do the front pike mount. It makes you sound stupid.

1. Alicia has fallen on beam ONCE in a major meet for the US. Once.

2. Alicia has fallen on the front pike mount ONCE in ten years.

3. Alicia has proven herself on beam time and time again since Beijing. In 2010, she hit in World Team Finals. She hit again in Event Finals, placing a very respectable 5th, with the highest execution score in the final.

4. It’s been FOUR FUCKING YEARS since Alicia fell in Beijing. She hasn’t fallen since. GET OVER IT.

Alicia is one of the best beam workers in the country right now. She has the best execution on beam in the country right now. The front pike mount is integral to her start value on beam and therefore integral to her success overall. I guarantee Marta trusts Alicia’s front pike mount more than she trusts the skills of most of the gymnasts who competed tonight. If Marta hasn’t told her to take it out, it means she trusts her to hit it. Plain and simple.

Kindly stop doubting Sac and her ability to hit now. Please and thanks.

Is Brady at the Visa Championships to watch Alicia?


No idea. I’d guess yes since it’s the football offseason, but I don’t know.